Tips for a healthy happy mind, part 2

Hi, I was excited to continue writing about how I make myself have a healthy happy mind. If you missed my first post, you can catch up here. Instead of posting to the Crohn’s category, I decided part 2 would actually be better in Mental Health. As previously mentioned, the snowball effect happens when I do these small things. All together I am thinking and feeling much better.

Have you ever been hospitalized? If so, do you remember what they want you to do everyday when possible? Each time I have had to stay, they had me take a shower every day. This alone will make me feel so much better- right state of mind. If you have not been in the hospital, lucky you! But you probably have a pet, maybe even a pet dog. After we give our dog a bath, he runs like crazy- in circles one direction, then in the other and even straight out like he’s doing a figure eight. Baths and showers makes us all happy, even for just a moment.

happy merle

1. Take a shower/bath daily.

debraCommon sense I know- however, when I am depressed I have to force myself to take a shower. By showering, this will assist with taking care of your skin, exfoliate. I use two different brushes- one for my body and the other for my face- including my eyebrows!

2. Moisturizing your body and face.

Proper hydration makes skin look healthy. Using moisturizer has proven benefits for the skin over the long haul. Hydration is what allows skin to function at peak performance. Skin cells in this condition can rapidly repair themselves and turnover fresh cells, which means huge anti-aging benefits down the road. Plus it just feels wonderful!

3. Applying make-up. (or shaving/grooming for guys)

Yes, apply make-up every single day. Let me explain. On days I go to work or go to an appointment, I wear it all; base, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss or lip color, blush- you get the idea. Now on the weekends I may only wear the blush and lip gloss. But at my age, I need color! Besides that, the best advice I was given during my chemo days by my hairdresser- “Wear your make-up, it will make you feel better!”.

Now that I have explained what I do in the mornings, let me now tell you what and why I use the items I do. Looking like a million bucks is what I like. Unfortunately, I don’t have a million bucks to spend (sigh).

Please understand, I am past my youthful acne years. So if you are in your teens or have adult acne, you probably do not want to use the same products I will be writing about. Mary Kay skincare products got me through my acne years as well as the Equate brand of facial wash from Wal-Mart. And of course, consult your doctor with any questions you may have.

I am a Wal-Mart, Dollar General and Dollar Tree kind of girl. Remember I like to look a million bucks, but can’t spend that kind of money! Here’s how I do it:

moisturizer happy

For facial care:

Nightly I use the Dollar General brand of skin cream (compare to Ponds). Notice the price difference. I have used the Ponds; the Dollar General brand feels just as good on my face. And look at how much price difference there is. I do not live in the city, so in the small town not too far is a Dollar General. This is a huge factor for me; I do not like driving into the city on my days off from work. In case I run out, it’s a quick trip to the local Dollar General store!

In the mornings, I use the Dollar General brand of moisturizing beauty lotion. Again notice the price difference. The nightly and morning application of skin care is the best feeling for my face. It’s right there with brushing my teeth- couldn’t go without doing this every day.

beauty lotion happy

Once my face is feeling smooth and moisturized, I apply my makeup. Yet again notice the prices. Much less then name brand makeup, which in turn makes me very happy.

makeup powder

makeup blush

makeup liner

The base makeup I use, they were out of stock. Even without a picture, I think you get the idea the cost is less than the name brand. Oh, the next time you buy your makeup, take a look at the ingredients. Compare both the name brand and off brand (be sure to compare the normal with normal or sensitive with sensitive).

Each morning my routine is the same. Takes me one hour exactly!
· Get up
· Eat breakfast
· Take shower
· Blow dry hair/style
· Moisturize face and body
· Get dressed
· Apply makeup

I am sure there is an off brand for the body lotion I use – Bath and Body Works. However, this is one item I spurge on. Usually there are good sales and I love the buy 3, get 3. On another note, it’s much less expensive than most perfumes.

sweet pea

When combined, taking my meds along with all showered and cleaned up, I like the way I feel and look. I am happy! See what I mean by a snowball affect? I’ll share what I do for clothing on my next post. You’ll be amazed where I shop and how super the outfits look.

Take care and best wishes.


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Tips for a Healthy Happy Mind.

debraHi, are you happy, truly happy? This morning when I woke up I was very happy. Reflecting now I wanted to share with you what I do to make myself feel happier; when I am stressed and depressed, my Crohn’s flairs. Crohn’s seems to benefit more when I am happy. It’s not just one thing or action that makes me happy; it’s a combination of many actions. Yes, it’s actions that I make myself do that creates the happy feeling.

First, it’s how I think. It’s a choice that I make in the mornings when I get up. I can either be grumpy or choose to be happy. People are funny creatures. Creatures of habit. When I had worked in the video department in my younger life, I would ring up the video rentals for customers. If a customer kept a movie past the due date, they could simply pay the late fee the next time a movie was rented. During checkout if I said- “You have late fees”, the customer would complain and argue that the movie was not late; resulting with me waiving the fee. What I learned was to say to the customer, “Looks like you kept ‘title of movie’ an extra day; did you enjoy it and would you recommend it?” Of course they’d tell me all about the movie as I was ringing up the current videos. After ringing up the video’s and putting them into a bag, I’d say- “Your movie total with the additional day fee is $x.xx.” Customer would pay the said amount (not protesting the late fees) and be on their way. This was a powerful learning curve for me in the public relations environment while at work.

Second, like myself. As strange as this my seem, when I like myself, I feel better which makes me happy. This ties in with the thinking part. Again, I have a choice. It’s spring and wonderful weather certainly helps with the positive thinking. The key for me is, positive thinking. I am my own worst critic. A few months ago I noticed my thoughts were all negative and I didn’t like the way I looked, wasn’t happy at all. I knew it was time to ask the doctor to refill my “happy” pills (Lexapro).

For me what makes me happy is several things that all work together. Like this morning for example. Yesterday I went to my local Bath and Body Works. I bought some lotions, some of the same I already have and a few new scents. Store wide sale, buy 3 get 3. Perfume is something I enjoy and the lotions provide scent at very cost friendly prices. Last evening I had laid out the clothes I wanted to wear for Friday. So that morning when I got out of bed, I was excited to shower and rub my whole body with my new lotion! After getting dressed (not stressing on what to wear), fixing my hair, putting on make-up and smelling wonderful, I felt pretty….and that made me happy!

When those negative thoughts begin to enter my mind, I have to keep reminding myself with positive thinking. I must not compare myself today with the person I was in the past. Take for example my weight. When I look at myself in the mirror or in pictures, I get discouraged. Going through chemo and menopause I have certainly gained weight. Personally this bothers me. Again, I am my own worst critic. One thing I know for a fact, everyone cleans up beautifully. I photograph high school seniors. Each senior is a different size and shape. Not a single one has shown up to a photo session looking bad, but just the opposite, beautiful and lovely. I have to keep reminding myself the first time someone sees me, I am beautiful and lovely (just like the people I photograph).

Today I have explained my thoughts for feeling happier. Next month I will go into more details of simple things I do or will do to make me happy. Doing just one action can create a chain of actions that all together makes it even more easy to be happy. Be looking for Tips for a Healthy Happy Mind part 2 on my next Crohn’s posting.

What have you done to make yourself happy? Sharing is caring….comment below.

Take care and best wishes.


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Creating Fotofusion Default Settings

Hi, I’ve been using Fotofusion for awhile now and still haven’t quite figured out the programs potential. It was just this past week I discovered how to create my own default settings for the empty frames. I can even save presets for different styles. So excited! Here’s what I did.

• Begin new project.
• Select new.
• Choose blank.
• Select your project size. OR, you could simply go to the create tab at the top.
• Fill in the canvas settings.
• Click the create button at the bottom.

first step

• Create empty frame.
• Select image frame from dropdown.

empty frame default

• I first made changes to the shadow effect.
• Then I went to the border.
• Made the changes for the border.
• Once finished with the changes, click the >> symbol.

empty frame default settings

• A new dropdown menu appears.
• Select save setting as default for new frames.
• Now when a new empty frame is added to your project, it will have the newly created settings applied to it.

fourth default

Notice at the bottom of the dropdown menu there are two lines 125 and 125b. These are presets that I have created for commonly used frames as well. My Fotofusion life has just gotten a tad bit easier!

That’s it for this tutorial. Have fun creating!

Take care and best wishes.


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