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Tips for a healthy happy mind, part 2 Hi, I was excited to continue writing about how I make myself have a healthy happy mind. If you missed my first post, you can catch up here. Instead of posting to the Crohn’s category, I decided part 2 would actually be better in Mental Health. As…

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Hi, I was internet surfing and stumbled upon Pentatonix rendition of Imagine by John Lennon. I absolutely enjoy hearing the group sing and spend quite a bit of time at PTXofficial. Imagine. Take care and best wishes. Sincerely, 

Hi, how did you spend your first day of 2017? Mine was a rather surprisingly fun day. The not so fun part was a vehicle down- rather second vehicle down. Back history- my husband drives a Chevy diesel truck. He uses it to drive to his day job in the city (construction) and it also…

Hi, after moving into our home my husband was ready to add to the family. Meet Merle! Merle is a beautiful Blue Heeler. By far Merle is my favorite pet ever in my adult life. We have had many dogs over our married life- Kevin is a hunter; hunting dogs and yard dogs. It’s Merle…


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