Fotofusion | Creating Your Own Default Settings

Creating Fotofusion Default Settings

Hi, I’ve been using Fotofusion for awhile now and still haven’t quite figured out the programs potential. It was just this past week I discovered how to create my own default settings for the empty frames. I can even save presets for different styles. So excited! Here’s what I did.

• Begin new project.
• Select new.
• Choose blank.
• Select your project size. OR, you could simply go to the create tab at the top.
• Fill in the canvas settings.
• Click the create button at the bottom.

first step

• Create empty frame.
• Select image frame from dropdown.

empty frame default

• I first made changes to the shadow effect.
• Then I went to the border.
• Made the changes for the border.
• Once finished with the changes, click the >> symbol.

empty frame default settings

• A new dropdown menu appears.
• Select save setting as default for new frames.
• Now when a new empty frame is added to your project, it will have the newly created settings applied to it.

fourth default

Notice at the bottom of the dropdown menu there are two lines 125 and 125b. These are presets that I have created for commonly used frames as well. My Fotofusion life has just gotten a tad bit easier!

That’s it for this tutorial. Have fun creating!

Take care and best wishes.


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