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Hi, my son has been wanting a dog for the longest time. His therapist even said she could write a note supporting the need for a companion dog. I had reservations regarding getting a dog. First, his personal hygiene is not the best. Second, would he take care of the dog? Another concern, would he…

Hi, after moving into our home my husband was ready to add to the family. Meet Merle! Merle is a beautiful Blue Heeler. By far Merle is my favorite pet ever in my adult life. We have had many dogs over our married life- Kevin is a hunter; hunting dogs and yard dogs. It’s Merle…

Hi, Saturday- March 28, 2015 was a fun day I spent with my husband; quality time with my partner. Kevin is out of bed in the mornings by typically 7 am on the weekends. That’s sleeping in for him! Me- I was still in bed. After Kevin did his morning chores (feeding hay to and…


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